About Us

Filmsmash consist of former team and forum members of the old Kfccinema site that was online from 2000- to early 2009. Before the site went offline, I (Hitman-Reloaded) was approached by another team member about keeping the legacy of Kfccinema alive.

Though it had been sometime since the forum was down, and many of the core members had moved on to other things, we thought we owned it to everybody who followed us all those long years on Kfccinema.com

Even with the forum down due to an virus attack, I was still able to do updates on the sites main page. Here is where the announcement was made that we will be closing our doors for good, but we would be back with a brand new site very soon.

In rebuilding the new site, we wanted to try new ideas and improve on others. On September 23, 2009 we brought the new site online in a rough format to close the gap between the absence of Kfccinema being down.

Our main goal was to get the ever popular forum up and running again, and to spread the word about the new site. Since then we have undergone a few appearance changes and internal restructuring.

It has been almost 2 years now and we are still trying to improve our site to bring you the best and latest in Asian Cinema. The glory days of the old kfccinema might be gone, but we are trying our best to keep alive what Janick Neveu and Peter Zsurka started back in 1997-98.


Interested in writing for us?

Send an e-mail, including a sample of your work to filmsmashsite (at) gmail (dot) com and we will review it. We’re always looking for other fans with a real passion for Asian cinema, be it classic or modern.