Anime Classic “Otaku no Video” coming to Blu-ray through Animeigo and Kickstarter!


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All right everyone, you know how much I LOVE old school anime, especially Gainax productions. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I want every single one of you reading this to immediately head on over to the Official Kickstarter page and support this project. Animeigo is one of those companies that never disappoints and there is a real love and effort put into all of their releases. Check out my review of their previous Kickstarter project for Bubblegum Crisis here if you want the details, but I’ll sum it up here as succinctly as possible: It rules.

Otaku no Video itself is one of those magical and oddly timeless anime that is darkly satirical, beautifully animated, and quite simply, a must own for any fan of unique and important animation. I understand that I may be turning into the older generation of anime fan these days, with waning interest in the mildly generic series that come out every season, but I truly believe that even new fans would have no problem finding something to love about this program. It’s important that these shows and releases get the love that they deserve so head on over and pledge; they’ve got hugely affordable options as well as ridiculously awesome perks like Kenichi Sonoda sketches, cels, and a plethora of input as backers. Go now and all hail the Otaking!

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