Animeigo Announces Riding Bean Blu-ray Kickstarter!


riding bean cover

The fine folks over at Animeigo have announced their latest Kickstarter project, the seminal Kenichi Sonoda joint, Riding Bean! Produced at a time when OVA animation was the new business, Riding Bean stood out with its mix of fast cars, hilarious action, and violence. While unfortunately not as widely seen as the quality of the show would suggest, it remains one of my fondest anime experiences and one not to miss. The fact that there are a number of tiers to support the project along with a plethora of perks helps to incentivize those on the fence or just unfamiliar, make no mistake, Riding Bean is one of the great cult anime productions of the 90’s and deserves the Special Edition treatment. Also, as with their previous other crowdfunded projects, these are limited edition and unlikely to be available anywhere else so jump on it while you can! Here’s a look at the Kickstarter trailer below, embedded for your pleasure:

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