“Blind Detective” HK Blu-ray Now Up For Pre-Order



Blind Detective, directed by Johnnie To & Wai Ka Fai, is now up for Pre-Order from Media Asia. This 2013 crime thriller romantic comedy all rolled into one will be released on September 13th. Blind Detective stars Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng & Lam Suet (of course!)



Chong used to be a highly gifted detective in the police force but was forced to retire early after getting blind accidentally during an action a few years ago. Since then he works as a private eye on cold cases and earns rewards to make a living. On witnessing how brilliantly Chong solves an acid attack case, Tung decides to seek his assistance to find Minnie. Chong agrees to help her without hesitation, but he is in fact making use of her to help him solve other cold cases. Despite his constant distractions by his own cold cases, Tung discovers Minnie’s disappearance may be connected to a case on missing women in the same year and suspects the culprit to be a serial killer. Target is locked on an ex-cab driver Chan who has a weird obsession with unhappy women. In the wild, Tung and Chong finally locate Chan who has become deranged. He admits to everything, and the pair of red shoes worn by Minnie that fateful night is also found. Tung is devastated, but her tears inadvertently turn Chan on. Chan makes an assault on her but is shot dead by Chong in the nick of time, thanks to his ability to tell the direction through sound. Tung is seriously injured and bleeding heavily. With no phone signal, Chong is unable to call for help. With no other way out, he risks taking Tung in a car and drives away blindly following her verbal instruction. After a lengthy bumpy ride, they finally manage to leave the hilly road and arrive at the busy highway. At this point, the car crashes violently into the stone barrier and overturns at the roadside. Will the two be able to make it alive?

This Blu-ray shall be Region Code A with English subtitles, trailers, making-of, deleted scenes and other special features.


Blind Detective – Teaser , Blind Detective – Teaser 2 , Blind Detective – Trailer , Blind Detective – Behind The Scenes , Blind Detective – Trailer 2 , Blind Detective – Trailer 3

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