Chang Cheh’s “Nine Demons” on UK DVD from Terracotta Distribution!


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UK distributor Terracotta Distribition has announced their release of Chang Cheh’s  Nine Demons on R2 DVD! Featuring extras like galleries, trailers, and the original 80’s ENglish dub track, look for it online and in stores February 8th, 2016!

The Nine Demons

Demons, flying skulls and crazy martial arts in a Faustian tale of good versus evil
Dir: Chang Cheh
Cast: CHIANG Sheng, LU Feng, CHIN Tin-chi
(English subtitles)
Hong Kong
80s Kung Fu action classic from legendary Shaw Brothers director Chang Cheh (THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN, FIVE DEADLY VENOMS). Wu Xia martial arts mixed with fantasy in a Faustian tale of good versus evil! Two childhood friends were the only survivors of a coup against their family. One land in hell where he sells his loyalty to the devil in return for magic powers to help his best friend. As part of the deal, he has nine demons enter his body, uses the new powers to help his friend and to kill the plotters. But he can’t always control the nine demons…
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