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Due to hit Korean shores July 6, Lee Seok-hoo (Two Faces of My Girlfriend) bounces back with the  comedy hit Dancing Queen which stars Uhm Jung-hwa and Hwang Jung-min.

Synopsis: Jung-min is a lawyer in name only, having failed the bar exam eight times. However, he is the envy of his friends because he married Jung-hwa, or “the Madonna of Sinchon,” once famed for her beauty and talent. After saving someone’s life in the subway, Jung-min becomes a popular hero—“Everybody’s lawyer”—and receives an offer to run for mayor of Seoul. Filled with new dreams, Jung-min’s life is re-energized.

At the same time, Jung-hwa finds herself living a dull existence teaching aerobics to middle-aged women. Her days of demanding entertainment industry attention for her dancing are behind her. One day, encouraged by a friend, Jung-hwa challenges herself by auditioning for talent contest Superstar K. She fails to win the contest, but she does get an offer from Daebak Entertainment to join a group, “Dancing Queens,” as its final member.
Will a mayoral candidate and a Dancing Queen be able to make their dreams come true?
Blu-Ray Features
Audio Commentary
Making Of
Deleted Scenes (HD)
NG Scenes (HD)
Poster Shooting
Music Video (HD)
Teaser (HD)
Trailer (HD)
Easter Egg (HD)

Dancing Queen – Trailer

Dancing Queen – Uhm Jung Hwa, Hwang Jun-Min

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