Eun-gyo (Muse) LE Blu-ray Now Up For Pre-Order


Jung Ji-woo (Happy End) Eungyo (Muse)  is now up for Pre-Order in Limited Edition Blu-ray format.  Eungyo stars Park Hae-il, Kim Moo-yeol and Kim Ko-eun and is due to hit Korean shores August 2.

SYNOPSIS: A renowned old poet of Korea, LEE Jeok-yo (PARK) has adopted an untalented but devoted student, the young novelist SEO Ji-woo (KIM Moo-yul), as his protege. Their relationship is a complicated one, equal parts love and hate, admiration and criticism. It becomes further complicated when 17-year-old HAN Eun-gyo (KIM Go-eun) seeks out the aged poet. Despite an alarming age difference, Jeok-yo finds himself entranced by Eun-gyo’s charm and vibrancy. Ji-woo, a more appropriate suitor, also finds himself becoming slowly obsessed with the young girl. As this love triangle becomes more intense, resentment sets in between teacher and student, and Ji-woo must make a decision between love, lust and loyalty to his mentor.

Blu-ray Features

Audio Commentary
Eun-gyo, My Eternal Virgin
Waiting for the Sensation 2012
Poet and His Disciple, and 17 y/o Girl
Searching for Eun-gyo
Becoming Eun-gyo
Birth of Lee Jeok-yo
Expression of Desire
Deleted Scenes
Short Film – Ready, Go!

Eungyo – Teaser

Eungyo – Trailer

Eungyo – Park Hae-il, Kim Moo-yeol, Kim Go-Eun

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