“Firestorm” on HK Blu-ray & DVD March 5th!


Firestorm – Trailer

Andy Lau stars in this slick looking police action flick. Alan Yuen directs a story about the clash of good vs evil, epic shootouts & a typhoon in Hong Kong.  Firestorm is set for release on March 5th, 2014 on Blu-ray (HK R-A) & DVD (HK R-3) from Edko Films (HK)Yesasia.com.

Synopsis: A crew of seasoned criminals, led by the notorious Cho Nam (Hu Jun), pull off another smooth and violent armored car heist in broad daylight in a crowded street. This puts the police force to shame and humiliation. A hardboiled senior police inspector Lui Ming Chit (Andy Lau), hot on the trail of Nam and his tight crew, is determined to put an end to this madness that endangers the lives of innocent people. But he soon comes face with the cruel reality that the usual police tactics are too futile to send these armed thieves behind bars and extreme crime requires extreme justice, even if it means crossing his moral line. To Sing Pong (Gordon Lam), an ex-con desperate to leave his criminal past behind, volunteers to be Lui’s informant in exchange for a fresh start with her girlfriend Yin Bing (Yao Chen). But little does he know what hellish situation he is getting himself into... Far East Films.com

Firestorm has a run time of approximately 110 minutes.

Starring Andy Lau, Gordon Lam, Hu Jun & Yao Chen. Directed By Alan Yuen

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