“Fist2Fist: 2 – Weapon Of Choice” on DVD January 13, 2015!


Fist2Fist: 2 – Weapon of Choice, The Movie Trailer




Jino Kang stars, directs and writes this, shall we say, low budget action flick titled Weapon Of Choice. Its creators attempted to used crowd funding back in 2012 to get started, but failed. It turned into a pseudo spiritual, semi follow up, not a sequel to Jino’s 2011 film Fist 2 Fist.  You can find Fist 2 Fist here at Amazon. Jino is originally from South Korea, and has been teaching Hapkido since 1982. The street date for the DVD is set for January 13th, 2015 from Anderson Digital.

Synopsis: He was so good at what he did – so quick and so invisible – they called him “The Ghost”. He struck and he vanished, leaving only the dead to remember him. But Jack Lee (Jino Kang) wanted no more of that life and also vanished from his clients, including the crime boss Banducci, who had much use of Jack’s skills. To leave Banducci once and for all, Jack worked a deal for one last hit, to settle all scores. He kept his part of the bargain. But years later, Banducci breaks his promise, kidnapping Jack’s niece, Jaime, to close another, even darker kind of deal for his personal benefit. The Ghost has one more score to settle before he can rest in peace again. And whether he lives or dies now will depend on his weapon of choice.

Weapon Of Choice has a run time of approximately 91 minutes and is not rated.

Starring Jino Kang, Douglas Olsson & Katherine Celio. Directed by Jino Kang.

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