Helpless Blu-ray Now Up For Pre Order


Byun Young-joo’s Helpless, adapted from Miyuki Miyabe’s 1996 novel Kasha (All She Is Worth) is now up for pre-order.  Due to Hit Korean shores August 19th, Helpless stars Kim Min-hee, Lee Seon-gyun, Jo Sung-ha, Kim Byul, and Cha Soo-yeon.

SYNOPSIS : Veterinarian Mun-ho is on the way to visit his parents with his fiancée Seon-yeong, when Seon-yeong suddenly disappears at a rest stop while he is gone for a few minutes. Mun-ho looks all over the rest stop for her, but it seems as though she has simply evaporated, leaving only a hairpin on the restroom floor behind. Back in Seoul, Mun-ho goes to Seon-yeong’s house to find a mess that smacks of a break-in: He is convinced that his fiancée has been kidnapped. However, while searching for her, he discovers that Seon-yeong is not her real name. Receiving no further help from the police, he seeks help from his cousin, former detective Jong-geun. As they dig dipper into her disappearance, doubts increase and they get closer to uncovering another shocking truth about Seon-yeong.


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Woman on the Border
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Helpless – Trailer

Helpless – Eng Subbed Trailer

Helpless – Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Min-hee, Kim Byeol


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