“Marriage is a Crazy Thing” (Crazy Marriage) DigiPak LE Blu-ray Now Up For Pre-Order


Writer & director Yu Ha’s love drama is now up for Pre-Order. This 2002 satire on the distorted meaning of marriage in modern times will be released on September 28th.

Marriage is a Crazy Thing / Crazy Marriage / Gyeolhoneun michinjishida stars Woo-Sung Kam, Jung-Hwa Uhm & Won-Sang Park.


Synopsis: Joon-Young goes on a blind date after serving as the best man at a friend’s wedding. Joon-Young is happy being single. He meets Yeon-Hee, who works as a lighting designer. Yeon-Hee is searching for the right guy to marry. Unfortunately, Joon-Young doesn’t fit her criteria. Nevertheless, they are both attracted to each other. After talking frankly and drinking, the couple go to a motel room. Can their relationship last?

This Blu-ray shall be Region Code A with English Subtitles



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  1. I wish this release would help revive Kam Woo Seong’s career. It’s a fine performance, and won him some acclaim at the time. He’s the most underrated, underused actor in Korea, and I can’t imagine why.

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