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Nameless Gangster (Rules Of Our Time) is directed by Yoon Jong-bin and stars Choi Min-Sik, Ha Jung-woo, Jo Jin-woong, Ma Dong-seok, Kwak Byeong-gyoo, Kim Seong-gyoon, Kim Jong-soo, Kim Jong-goo, Kwon Tae-won, Song Yeong-chang, Kim Hye-eun, and Kim Yeong-seon.  The Blu-ray is due to hit Korean Shores July 20


Ik-hyeon is a corrupt customs officer who lives off bribes paid by the contraband smugglers. One day, after his financier rats him out, Ik-hyeon is visited by the inspector and faces losing his job. He runs into a group of armed criminals while on patrol and recovers a large lump of heroin. To sell off the drug, Ik-hyeon hooks up with Hyeong-bae who has connections with the Yakuza. He finds out that his liaison is related to him and quickly a partnership is formed; Hyeong-bae helps out Ik-hyeon set up a new business with the drug money, while Ik-hyeon lobbies for his partner through his family connection. However, the partnership turns sour over dealings with a rival organization. Soon after, the government declares war on crime and Ik-hyeon decides to take the opportunity to set up his partner and escape the tightening grip of the law enforcement.

BLU-ray Breakdown

The Palmy Days of The Bads (35’00”)
War Against The Crime (10’37”)
Gangs in 80’s, Busan (5’34”)
That Years, That Music (4’00”)
Premiere (2’37”)
Gallery (2’00”)
Trailer (1’19”)

Nameless Gangster – (The War Against Crime) – Teaser

Nameless Gangster – (The War Against Crime) – TV Spot

Nameless Gangster – (The War Against Crime) – Trailer

Nameless Gangster – (The War Against Crime) – Eng Subbed Trailer

Nameless Gangster – (The War Against Crime) – Choi Min-Sik,



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