“New World (Shinsekai Story) Arrives on DVD February 18!


From Tidepoint Pictures, Director Lim Kah Wai’s compelling film, New World (Shinsekai Story) arrives on DVD February 18, 2014! A terrific film with good performances and dense social commentary, the film features some of the best portrayals of current culture relations and the effectiveness of film in illustrating street level human perception. For our full review, click HERE.

Synopsis: Coco, a rich Beijing party girl, is bored with her boyfriend, her giggly friends – her whole frivolous life. Looking for a getaway, she books a trip to Osaka, Japan where she’s heard they celebrate Christmas with heartwarming nostalgia. Coco arrives at the hotel recommended by a friend and is shocked to see that it’s located in Shinsekai, Osaka’s crime-ridden underbelly of poverty, vice and colorful characters. Coco flees to a five-star hotel like she pictured in her vacation fantasies. But when her friend gets entangled with the Chinese mafia in Shinsekai, Coco must venture into a Japan that she never knew and a China that feels equally foreign.

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