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Siman Yam never, ever takes a vacation. All that hard work seems to have paid off at the box office for him and his co-star Nick Cheung in Nightfall. This thriller raked in a good chunk of change back in 2012 ( Chinesefilms.cn ) and is now coming to the US. Michael Wong even makes an appearnce. Yes, “the” Michael Wong. Nightfall is out May 21, 2013 on Region A Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.


He is a Hong Kong celebrity – a master pianist, adored, sought after by many, an upcoming concert leaving audiences enthralled. He is dead. Found floating in the ocean, embittered and jaded detective Lam (Simon Yam) is called in to find the murderer. Lam quickly identifies a killer from the past – a brutal man just released from prison (Nick Cheung) with possible ties to the family. But what Lam surmises as a clear-cut case of revenge gets murkier, the more he investigates. Suspicion, facts, and the truth become harder, the closer he looks. What unfolds is a crime from the past. 20 years of lies, and a secret so shocking it threatens to pull the entire case down. Who is the victim and who is the killer? From the director of MURDERER and starring two of Hong Kong’s most exciting action stars comes a gritty, brutal story of love, hate and vengeance.

Proutcast”s Box Art Rating: ★★ The artwork is not bad considering an element was taken from one of the original film posters and layered over a city skyline to highlight the Hong Kong noir vibe. But it is still not great. I personally love the vibe of the original “stairwell” poster.Nightfall-2012-Movie-Poster-1

Nightfall has a run time of approximately 108 minutes and is not rated.

Staring Siman Yam & Nick Ceung, Directed By Chow Hin Yeung Roy

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