Ping Pong Special Edition Blu-ray Gets English Subs


Fumihiko Sori’s classic adaptation of Taiyō Matsumoto’s manga Ping Pong will be getting the HD treatment this September 5.  What will make many fans happy is that it will include English subtitles, and is loaded with extras.  Ping Pong was released in  the summer 2002 and stared Yosuke Kubozuka, Arata, Sam Lee, Shidō Nakamura, Kōji Ōkura, Naoto Takenaka, and Mari Natsuki.

Manga Synopsis : Ping pong. Table tennis. Fast, furious. You might have seen it – even played it – but never anything like this! The action is centered around Tsukimoto (‘Smile’) and Hoshino (‘Peko’); childhood friends who have been playing the sport ever since they were elementary students.

Tsukimoto – the impassive, bespectacled, seemingly-emotionless boy described as a robot by everyone who knows him, plays “to kill time”. Hoshino, the passionate, out-going, charismatic ‘hero’ who Tsukimoto idolized during their childhood, plays because he “loves ping pong and hates to lose”.

How will the cold, cruel world of competitive sports treat these two who are so different? And what will happen upon their inevitable meeting as contenders for the High School Men’s Singles Trophy?

Special Features: making-of, short work “Tinpon,” commentary on CG scene, unreleased scene, event footage, trailers, commentary by the director, and more

Ping Pong – Trailer

Ping – Pong (English Subtitles) Blu-ray Special Edition

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