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Police Story: Lockdown aka Police Story 2013 marks Jackie Chan’s sixth return to the Police Story series that began in 1985. Last seen in 2004’s New Police Story, this reboot / redesign tells the story of a contemporary cop from mainland China rather than a Hong Kong native. Chan really wanted to capture a serious and dramatic role in this film and it made roughly $86,000,000 in China. The street date is set for August 11th, 2015 on Blu-ray & DVD from Well Go USA.

Synopsis: Jackie Chan plays a Mainland Chinese police Captain Zhong Wen. He goes to meet his somewhat-estranged daughter Miao Miao (Jing Tian) who is studying to be a nurce in an industrial-chic bar which was converted from a factory to. Zhong Wen ultimately discovers Miao Miao is dating the Wu Bars proprietor Wu Jiang (Liu Ye) but he disapproves of. It turns out that his suspicions of Wu Jiang (Liu Ye) are not completely unfounded as Zhong was jumped and the rest of the patrons were taken hostage inside the nightclub. Zhong Wen uses his skills as a top cop to understand that Wu Jiang is pursuing a vendetta that began one night five years ago and it’s up to Zhong Wen to put an end to a whole night of madness as he was the first police to the scene. As more details are filled with the emergence of a criminal locked up enters the well enclosed bar, it helps Zhong Wen to understand why he and a few of the patron of the bar was held hostage in an elaborate scheme. IMDB.

Police Story: Lockdown has a run time of approximately 110 minutes and is not rated.

Starring Jackie Chan, Liu Ye & Jing Tian. Director: Ding Sheng

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