Region Free Hana & Alice Blu-ray Coming This September


Shunji Iwai’s 2004 classic Hana and Alice is getting HD remastering this September 5th in Japan, and it will be Region Free.

Plot: It’s a bitter-sweet romantic comedy about two middle-school girls named Hana (Anne Suzuki from “Returner”) and Alice (Yu Aoi of “All About Lily Chou-Chou”) who are childhood friends. When Hana and Alice both develop a crush on the same boy, everything starts to change. One day, while secretly following the boy after school, Hana witnesses him run into a wall and pass out. When he comes to his senses, she tricks him into believing that he has amnesia and that she’s his girlfriend. With Alice’s help, she’s determined to keep up the facade, but naturally, things don’t go the way they plan to.

Hana and Alice [Blu-ray]

Hana & Alice – Teaser

Hana & Alice – Trailer


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