Shaw Brothers on DVD – “Sword Masters: Legend of the Bat”


Well Go USA serves up another Shaw Brothers releases under its Sword Masters series banner with Legend of the Bat. This film was originally released in 1978, and was adapted from Bianfu Chuanqi of Ku Long’s Chu Liuxuang novel series. The release is set for January 28, 2014.

Legend of the Bat / Bat Island Adventure / Clans of Intrigue 2 / 楚留香之二蝙蝠传奇 stars Ti Lung. Directed by Chu Yuan.

Synopsis: Following “Clans Of Intrigue”‘s success, director Chu Yuan, novelist Ku Lung, and superstar Ti Lung re-teamed for another adventure featuring sexy knight Chu Liu-Hsiang. This time, he travels to the mysterious Island Of The Bats, where he encounters treacherous monks, beautiful women, and a strange Prince. The movie is also a significant milestone in the amount of female flesh revealed on screen, proving that Shaw movies can balance the yin of cheesecake with the yang of beefcake. Via HK Cinemagic

This DVD shall be Region Code 1 with English Subtitles






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