Shaw Brothers on DVD – “Sword Masters: The Trail of the Broken Blade”


Well Go USA offers up another Shaw Brothers release through it’s Sword Masters series banner with The Trail of the Broken Blade. Originally released in 1967, this release is set for December 9, 2014.

The Trail of the Broken Blade / 斷腸劍  / Duan Chang Jian stars Jimmy Wang Yu.

Directed by Chang Cheh.

Synopsis: Jimmy Wang Yu heads an all-star cast from the golden era of Shaw Brothers swordplay films in “The Trail Of The Broken Sword”. It’s a sword hero tragedy directed by the critically acclaimed director Chang Cheh that plays like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, yet done 34 years earlier. It features bludgeoning action without the special effects and rapid cuts that are used to make things look better than they areVia HK Cinemagic

This DVD shall be Region Code 1 with English Dub.




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