“Skin Trade” on Blu-ray & DVD August 25th, 2015!


Skin_Trade_Bluray_CoverSkin Trade is a Bangkok action film that brings together Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa for the first time. The film also stars Michael Jai White and Celina Jade. The street date is set for August 25th, 2015 on Blu-ray & DVD from Magnet Releasing.

Synopsis: Detective Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundgren) heads to Bangkok to hunt down Viktor Dragovic (Ron Perlman) and destroy his human trafficking network; Nick killed Dragovic’s son in a shootout during a sting operation on the New Jersey docks, and Dragovic responded by attempting to kill Nick and his family. Nick miraculously survived the brutal attack that destroyed his family; with nothing but vengeance to live for, Nick smashes his way through the Bangkok underworld in search of the elusive Dragovic. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Eddie Reed (Michael Jai White) is sent in to bring Nick home even as Thai detective Tony Vitayakui (Tony Jaa) questions the motives and methods that have brought Nick across the globe to Thailand. As the crossfire between all sides grows more and more deadly, Nick has to determine who his true allies are.

Skin Trade has a run time of approximately 95 minutes and is not rated.

Starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White & Celina Jade.

Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham

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