“Sorum” (Goosebumps) DigiPak LE Blu-ray Now Up For Pre-Order


Jong-chan Yun’s debut 2001 Korean film is now up for Pre-Order.  A feature that is perhaps more parts thriller than horror is due to hit shelves September 24th. Sorum / Goosbumps stars Jin-Young Jang, Myung-min Kim & Jo An.

Synopsis: Looking for a new start, a young taxi driver moves into Apt. 504 of an old tenement named Migum Apartments. He soon finds that the previous tenant died mysteriously, and everyone on the floor is connected to the man. After befriending the neighbor living a few doors down, he falls into an affair that sends them both down a dark path.

But there’s something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building. Does a ghost haunt those living here, or does the evil exist in those left alive?

This Blu-ray shall be Region Code A with English Subtitles

Sorum-Low-Res Cover

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