“Special ID” on HK Blu-ray & DVD December 20th


Special ID

special identity bts

Donnie Yen’s latest flick is ready to hit Blu-ray & DVD after grossing $12.6M in four days at the box office back in October. After so much hype and a production nightmare (See the Filmsmash Forums), we are all ready for Donnie to return to the tone of Flash Point. Reviewes are mixed, but the trailer promises a fun ride (don’t they all?). Special ID is ready for release around December 20th, 2013 on Blu-ray (HK R-A) & DVD (HK R-3) from Kam & Ronson(HK).

Undercover cop Chan Tze Lung (Donnie Yen) has spent years in the underworld collecting evidence against gang boss Bear (Collin Chou). After suffering major losses in business, Bear starts to suspect his followers of betrayal, putting Chan’s safety at risk. Hoping to go back to a normal life, Chan pledges to his supervisor Cheung (Ronald Cheng) that he’ll bust the whole operation in one fell swoop and return to his police identity. On the orders of Bear and the police, Chan heads to Hainan to meet his former buddy, triad upstart Sunny (Andy On), whom Bear suspects to be the traitor. Chased by a mysterious assassin once he sets foot in China, Chan realizes not only can he not conceal his identity, his life is also on the line. YesAsia.com

Special ID has a run time of approximately 99 minutes.

Starring Donnie Yen, Jing Tian, Andy On & Collin Chou, Directed By Clarence Fok.

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