“The White Storm” on DVD August 4, 2015!


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The White Storm (掃毒) is a 2013 action thriller from director Benny Chen. Both Louis Koo and Nick Cheung star in this film that by many accounts around the net is right up there with the best Hong Kong films of that year. The street date for the US DVD is set for August 4th, 2015 from Lion’s Gate.

Synopsis: Lifelong friends Tin (Sean Lau), Chow (Louis Koo) and Wai (Nick Cheung) all work for the Hong Kong Police Department’s Narcotic Division. The three tough law enforcers would readily risk their lives for each other, but a dangerous mission in Thailand could put their brotherly bond to the test. Capturing notorious “Eight-Faced Buddha”, South East Asia’s most powerful drug lord, would give ambitious chief inspector Tin the promotion he has been working toward, while his loyal deputy Wai would be happy with a little more respect and glory. Chow strongly objects to the international mission, but he realizes that success could be his ticket to stop undercover work and live a normal life with his pregnant girlfriend. In Thailand, Tin and Wai collaborate with local police to plan an operation to trap Eight-Faced Buddha through Chow’s undercover gang. The covert operation goes bad at the last minute, and a battle breaks out. The three friends are confronted by a tragic emotional dilemma. Five years later, burdened with personal hardship, two friends are still seeking to revenge the loss of a third. Friendship turns into rivalry and brotherhood must be sacrificed once again. A war between good and evil unfolds, and there’s no turning back!

The White Storm has a run time of approximately 135 minutes and is Rated R.

Starring Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung & Yuan Quan. Directed by Benny Chan.

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