“This Girl is Badass” on Blu-ray & DVD May 21



Is it Jeeja Yanin or Jija Yanin? Either way you spell it, she is still badass. The star of Chocolate & Raging Phoenix returns in the action-comedy film entitled This Girl is Badass  (aka JaK Ka Ran). Out May 21, 2013 on Region A Blu-ray and DVD from the Magnet Label of Magnolia Home Entertainment.


Jeeja Yanin stars in this martial arts comedy about a girl whose family life is turned upside-down when she gets mixed up with some ruthless gangsters and is hired to transport smuggled goods for them. Things get tricky when she starts keeping a chunk of the mob’s money. Like Yojimbo’s samurai, she finds a way to play the rival mobsters off each other, but making enemies is becoming an increasingly dangerous business.

Proutcast’ Box Art Rating: ★★★★☆  The artwork is stylish, “photoshop head” free and attempts to retain the spirit of the original film flyer art. 

This Girl is Badass has a run time of approximately 99 minutes and is rated R.

 Staring Jeeja Yanin, Directed By Petchtai Wongkamloa

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