“Z Storm” on Blu-ray & DVD August 18th, 2015!


Z Storm Bluray Cover

Z Storm is a 2014 Hong Kong thriller directed by David Lam. It stars Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Dada Chan and everyone’s favorite Michael Wong. The street date is set for August 18th, 2015 on Blu-ray & DVD from Well Go USA.


Synopsis: Somebody say: the ICAC has helped Hong Kong to earn the reputation of a leading international financial center. This may be the most critical corruption case since ICAC’S was established for forty years. The case may involve the Community Care Fund’s 15 Billion HK dollars, which was established by the Government for the commission on Poverty. This is an enormous corruption group; include retired senior government official, chief superintendent, business millionaire, senior Counsel and so on. ICAC’s investigators are now facing the most unprecedented stress! This is a ruthless corruption group; the involved witnesses are either threatened by violence or are killed. Even the ICAC’S investigators are being the attacking targets; they are facing an unexampled danger! Confronting such Tenacious enemies, ICAC’s investigators never give up; they use technology, internet and psychological skills to fight back, and meanwhile they try their best to protect themselves from being killed by professional killers. Finally they defeat and collapse the corruption group, and uphold Hong Kong’s reputation as a corruption-free city. Hong Kong, our Advantage is ICAC.

Z Storm has a run time of approximately 92 minutes and is not rated.

Starring Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Dada Chan & Michael Wong. Director: David Lam

Z Storm – Trailer

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