CONTEST! Win a Copy of Na Hyun’s “The Prison” Courtesy of Well Go Entertainment!



We have a new contest courtesy of the fine folks over at Well Go Entertainment, Na Hyun’s The Prison, arriving on Digital and Blu-ray on September 12th!

An ex-cop convict joins the secret crime syndicate run by those behind prison walls in the crime thriller THE PRISON, available on digital and Blu-ray September 12from Well Go USA Entertainment.  Yu-gon (Kim Rae-won, Gangnam Blues), a troubled former police inspector, is sentenced to prison for a hit-and-run accident, placing him with other inmates that he had put behind bars. While inside, he discovers the entire penitentiary is controlled by an inmate (Han Suk-kyu,The Berlin File) who is running a crime syndicate with the help of the warden and guards, which provides them the perfect alibi. Soon after, he becomes a crucial member of the crime empire.

After a fatal accident, Yu-gon, a former police inspector, is sentenced to hard time in a prison he once helped fill. Once inside, he discovers the entire penitentiary is no longer controlled by the guards, but by a vicious crime syndicate that breaks out at night, using their prison sentences as the perfect alibi to commit intricate heists. Looking for revenge against the system that placed him inside, Yu-gon joins the syndicate… but with every man out for himself, how long can the perfect crime last?

Country of Origin: South Korea

THE PRISON has a runtime of approximately 125 minutes and is not rated.

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To enter reply below with your answer to this simple question:

What is your favorite prison scene in an Asian film?

We have 3 Blu-ray copies to give away and winners will be chosen at random and will be notified by email. Any of our international readers may also enter but keep in mind that this release is coded for a North American release so please be sure that you are able to play the disc if you should win. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm EST September 10th, 2017. Good luck to all and thanks for entering!

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  1. Story of Ricky easily has my 10 favourite prison scenes in general, but how to choose one???? Ok, I got it. When the baddies are tormenting the old guy with the toy train, Ricky steps in and shows just how a casual badass he is, by tripping one of the baddies resulting in mangled fingers and an eye sight problem.

    I laughed when I first saw it on the 50th generation bootleg tape with barely any colour left, I got my hands on, and I have kept on laughing the many times I’ve watched it on that tape and later on when I finally got it on proper releases.

  2. Story of Ricky when the one guy starts extending all his limbs and gets disfigured!
    Prison on Fire is also an excellent movie, but no single scene stands out to me.

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