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We have a contest for our Film Smash readers, courtesy of Well Go USA! Street Date on December 11th. Internationally-renowned Directors Kim Ji-woon (I Saw the Devil, The Good, The Bad, the Weird) and Yim Pil-sung (Hansel & Gretel) present three interpretations on an apocalyptic theme in the anthology film DOOMSDAY BOOK. Three  lucky members can win this.

Internationally-renowned Directors Kim Ji-woon (I Saw the Devil, The Good, The Bad, the Weird) and Yim Pil-sung (Hansel & Gretel) present three interpretations on an apocalyptic theme in the anthology film DOOMSDAY BOOK, debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital December 11th from Well Go USA Entertainment. In the first film, Director Yim Pil-Sung opens with Brave New World, starring Ryoo Seung-bum (The Servant) as a young man trying to survive in a world infected by biological toxins.   The centerpiece of the film, Heavily Creature, directed by Kim Ji-woon, stars Kim Kang-woo (A Better Tomorrow), Kim Gyu-ri (Portrait of a Beauty) and Park Hae-il (War of the Arrows) as citizens of Seoul who must deal with the innovations of the high-tech modern world where a religion-practicing robot achieves enlightenment and must escape the evil manufacturer who wants to destroy it.  Director Yim Pil-Sung closes the film with Happy Birthday, starring newcomer Song Sae-byoek, Jin Ji-hee (Hansel & Gretel) and Bae Doo-na (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance).  Elementary school student Park Min-seo (Jin Ji-hee) accidentally order a mysterious package off the internet that puts Earth and all its inhabitants at risk of extinction.  DOOMSDAY BOOK was named “Best International Film” at the 2012 Fant-Asia Film Festival.


Desire only leads to a horrific end… < A BRAVE NEW WORLD >

YOON Seok-woo (RYU Seung-bum) is a researcher whose family goes on a trip, leaving him behind to his lonesome. When his friend sets him up on a blind date, Seok-woo just carelessly discards the food waste from his home and heads out to go on his date. His night consists of a good barbecue and dancing at a club with the hot young girl (KO Joon-hee). He finally gets to kiss the girl, when a couple of high school students interrupt their intimate moment. Seok-woo experiences strange physical changes as he is somehow able to beat them to a pulp with a surge of strength. Soon zombies flood the streets of Seoul, as the mass media frantically tries to uncover the identity of a mysterious virus that brings the city to ruins.

The creation, mankind, covets the realm of gods! < THE HEAVENLY CREATURE >

In a future where robots have replaced human labor. At the Temple of the Heavens, the robot RU-4 reaches enlightenment on its own. The robot’s manufacturer, UR International, believes this phenomenon to be a threat to mankind and decides to terminate the robot. But the other monks call this robot by the name of In-myeong and revere him, standing against the corporation’s decision. Just as the UR guns are pointed to In-myeong, a UR engineer named PARK Do-won (KIM Kang-woo) goes against their orders and stands before In-myeong to protect him.

After that fateful day, be thankful for being alive! The second birth of mankind! < HAPPY BIRTHDAY >

PARK Min-seo (JIN Jee-hee) is a young grade school student who accidentally breaks her billiards-obsessed father’s favorite pool ball. She logs into a mysterious website and puts in an order for a new pool ball. But two years later, live television reports talk of an unidentified meteor heading toward Earth and Min-seo’s family flees to an underground bomb shelter built by her nerdy uncle (SONG Sae-byuk). After seven years pass, a bright light lures the brave Min-seo (BAE Doo-na) out of the shelter to the world outside to witness a changed world.

DOOMSDAY BOOK has a runtime of approximately 114 minutes and is unrated.

Want to enter? Here’s how!

1. If you haven’t already, register at our amazing forum HERE

2. Post in this very thread your answer to this simple question;
Song Kang-ho & Choi Min-sik appeared in which Kim Ji-woon film together.

Contest will run until Sunday 12-9-12, until 11:59 PM EST
Winner will be selected at random and contacted via forum so good luck everybody!

Please keep in mind that international winners will have to have a region free player as we do not know the region coding for this blu-ray
-If a winner doesn’t have a region free player, we will draw another person from the contest.

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