Warriors of the Rainbow (Seediq Bale) Contest


Hey we have a contest for our Film Smash readers, courtesy of Well Go USA! Streeting on August 7. Warriors of the Rainbow (Seediq Bale) is directed by Wei Te-Sheng, and produced by John Woo

Wei Te-sheng’s epic film Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale reclaims an extraordinary episode from 20th century history which is little-known, even in Taiwan. Between 1895 and 1945, the island was a Japanese colony inhabited not only by the majority (Han Chinese Immigrants) but also by the remnants of the aboriginal tribes who first settled the mountainous land. In 1930 Mouna Rudo, the leader of the Seediq tribe settled on and around Mount Chilai, forged a coalition with other Seediq tribal leaders and plotted a rebellion against their Japanese colonial masters. The initial uprising took the Japanese by surprise and was almost entirely successful. But the Japanese soon sent in their army to crush the rebellion, using aircraft and poison gas.

Domestic Version:
Includes more than 30 minutes of bonus features:
“Making of” Featurette
“Behind the Scenes” Featurette
“Make-up and Visual Effects” Featurette
Theatrical Trailer

Want to enter? Here’s how!

1. If you haven’t already, register at our amazing forum HERE

2. Post in this very thread your answer to this simple question;

“What is your favorite John Woo produced Film?”

Contest will run until Wednesday 08/10/2012 until 11:59 PM EST

Winner will be selected at random and contacted via forum so good luck everybody! Please use the font color #0040FF for your entry answer/comment….every other normal comment you make in this thread should be in black.

-Please keep in mind that international winners will have to have a region free player as we do not know the region coding for this blu-ray
-If a winner doesn’t have a region free player, we will draw another person from the contest.

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