Eir Aoi In Concert: Gramercy Theatre 05.25.2016


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I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to score VIP tickets for the Eri Aoi solo concert in May, so I didn’t get the suave side seats, however the location I scouted, and thusly cemented was definitely better than any comfort the venue could have offered.

When I had first decided to make the special trip up on that Wednesday, I had already purchased tickets to the Hatsune Miku concert that Friday.  The decision to stay for through the end of the week and come back Sunday was strong, however I had to opt for two separate trips, all within 72 hours of each other.  I’m not sure I would do something like that again, but for Eir Aoi, it was definitely worth it.

I was a little surprised that she was performing herself, but that most definitely did not take away from the performance; if anything it only seemed to enhance it.  There was no fall-back, no breaks for guitar solos, just 2 solid hours of straight up performance.  I remember saying to my friend, “She’s been singing non-stop for the past hour, and she hasn’t taken any type of break, she’s a beast.”, to which he only nodded.  To say that she gave off a ridiculous amount of energy would be a horrid understatement, while on stage, she was practically the Sun.  For two hours, she cranked out hit after hit, with only brief addresses to the crowd every 4 or 5 songs.

I’m glad I had decided before she came on stage to pick up a CD, I’m fairly sure that the merch table had been completely ravaged by the end.  The only regret I have is that I didn’t try to get the Crunchyroll Premium tickets for the talk session, I would have loved to ask her what her thoughts of NYC were, and performing in the U.S.

But fear not! At the end, she enthusiastically shouted that she would be back, and would bring the whole band this time.

It’s a good thing I’ve got her tour dates on my watchlist, I’ll be trying to score the VIP tickets next time.

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