Film Smash’s 2013 Halloween Movie Recommendations


Well, it’s that time of the year again and with Halloween around the corner we here at Film Smash have a few more recommendations to make your holiday celebration just that much more creepy, scary, or just plain gross. After some great feedback from last year’s list, here are 8 more movies that are absolutely worth your time!

What are your favorite Asian films to watch for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!


[one_half]sick nurses 1Sick Nurses – This Thai film from 2007 follows a group of nurses and a doctor who harvest organs for the black market being haunted by the spirit of a former patient. Each victim is characterized by a vice; like vanity, greed, etc. and attacked by the spirit using those weaknesses. An average plot is highlighted by inventive kills and some good practical effects and dynamic camerawork. It is a literal ‘bloodbath’ of a film.

rinne 1Reincarnation – Directed by Takashi Shimizu, the story centers on a film director looking to shoot a film based on a hotel massacre that occurred in the 70s. Taking his cast and crew to the site of the slayings, they begin to experience deja vu of sorts and the possibility of a second tragedy. In probably his best film since Ju-On, Shimizu crafts an atmospheric and very good ghost story that will have fans of J-Horror satisfied. Good performances as well as a tight script keep the pacing good and it is Shimizu doing what he does best.

untold story 1The Untold Story – This film, based on a true story, made an entire generation of Chinese moviegoers wary of Anthony Wong. In a career defining performance, this story of murder and some not so good eats still makes me feel uneasy in every single viewing. Category III films the way they were meant to be.

r-point 1R-Point – Receiving a radio signal from a platoon that had been presumed dead, high command sends out a rescue mission in the hopes of retrieving the evidently alive soldiers. Set during the Vietnam War, the film makes use of the ruins of Cambodia, where the film was shot, and the always terrifying threat of death during combat. An especially chilling but simple scene in the tall grass is effective and really sets the tone of what is to come later in the film.


[one_half_last]blood the last vampire 1Blood: The Last Vampire – The animated short and not the live action film, Blood takes place on the eve of the United States’ entry into the Vietnam War amidst Halloween celebrations at an American military base in Japan. The master animators at Production I.G. craft an amazingly fluid and action-packed piece that has the main character, Saya, fighting monsters that have started killing on the base. Very appropriate for the holiday, it is one of my yearly watches.

riki oh 1The Story of Ricky (Riki-oh) – An adaptation of a Japanese manga, Riki-oh is not so much scary as it is gory and pure craziness. This story of a wrongfully convicted martial artists shows, very graphically, what super strength can do to a human body. As he fights dirty guards and other inmates, bones are broken, flesh flies, and oh does the blood flow in his journey to defeat the oppressive powers that be. Best enjoyed in a group or with drinks, it’s become pretty legenadary!

vhs 1Safe Haven – This short piece from the V/H/S 2 is without a doubt, the best of the bunch. Directed by G. H. Evans (The Raid), this tale of a cult investigation goes South really quick. Gritty visuals and some really shocking moments fill this tense and dark film. Worth the price of the entire anthology alone, it is a doozy of a horror short with a great ending and how many horror films can say that these days?

legend of the 7 golden vampires 1Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires – This co-production between legendary studios Shaw Bros. and Hammer Films sees Peter Cushing and David Chiang teaming up stop Dracula and a cult of Chinese vampires. Some good action and real crossover appeal make this film one for classic horror fans and kung fu fanatics.


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