Otakon 2015: Oreskaband Sunday Concert!


oreskaband(Above photo by Mei Nishikawa)

Review and Below Gallery by Christopher Shelley

When I first head that there would be a Ska (third­wave ska) band playing the Sunday concert for
Otakon this year, I was elated. I have been out of the Ska genre since the beginning of High
School, but I have fond memories of listening to Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, No
Doubt just to name a few, but was really looking forward to hearing what Japan had to offer.

They did not disappoint.

There’s always something amazing to behold, when you have people playing brass instruments
on stage, while dancing and moving around. The amount of effort and stamina to do so is more
than one would think. It didn’t seem to affect them at all. Parading around on stage, brass held
high, fist pumps and head banging was all part of the show.

The problem with Ska, at least with myself, is that I tend to get a little bored after about 30
minutes of it. In the weeks before the convention, I was reminiscing with the Bosstones and RBF,
but always had to change to something else after a few songs. So it was a delightful surprise that
when they stopped for the picture with the crowd, I realized I had been listening to them for over
an hour, and was actually wanting more.

Their introduction to the audience stated that they were the “Sixth most popular Ska band in the
World”. I’m thinking they may need to be reevaluated for a higher position. Either that, or they
need to be introduced to more people.

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