Film Smash at Otakon 2014: Coverage


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Otakon celebrated its 21st year at the Baltimore Convention Center from August 8-10. Film Smash was there, covering movies, music, and providing panel content. Here’s a rundown of what we thought about everything we managed to squeeze in during one of the most packed conventions in the organization’s history.




Concert Coverage

 DSC_0472Friday Concert: ALTIMA

 DSC_0091Sunday Concert: Yoshiki Classical

Film Smash Presents: A Visual History of Women in Asian Action Cinema


Saturday 8/9 2pm in Panel Room 1

Movies Shown at Otakon (with written reviews if available)

Beyond Outrage

Confession of Murder


Danger Dolls (Premiere)

Godzilla Vs. Hedorah

Guardian (Premiere)


Joker (Premiere)

Jellyfish Eyes

Journey to the West

Kite (Premiere)

Mai Mai Miracle

Mass Effect Paragon Lost

Ninja Scroll

One Piece Film Z


The Protector 2

Rigor Mortis

Shogun Assassin

Short Peace

Sleepy Eyes of Death 6: Sword of Satan


Space Battleship Yamato

Special ID

The War in Space


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