[Album Review] BTS – LOVE YOURSELF 承 [Her] – Released 09/18/2017


BTS – LOVE YOURSELF 承 [Her] – Released 09/18/2017

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BTS has come back again with their most recent release, Love Yourself 承 [Her], and they have already broken their own records. Their music video for the main single, DNA, has already accrued over 39 millions views and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Love Yourself is absolutely an album to be expected of the international phenomenon, and fits right in with their most recent discography. From the intro to the outro, it is 100% a BTS album, except for that track that The Chainsmokers stopped by to help out on, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The introduction track Serendipity starts out slowly, sung exclusively by member Jimin. It has a slightly haunting melody, but doesn’t quite catch the ear – it’s more of a lullaby. However, the low key intro is blown out of the water as soon as the title track begins. DNA is k-pop at it’s finest – a catchy EDM track made to please the masses inclusive of moments to let everyone in the seven-member group shine. The next track, Best of Me, is easily one of the best on the album. Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers’ fame is a co-writer on this track, and it only proves how much of an international sensation BTS has become.

Tracks 4 and 5, dimple and Pied Piper, sometimes seem to blend together, and when listening to the album in full it is hard to hear when one soft pop ballad ends and the other begins, but your attention is caught again immediately by track 6, the Billboard Music Award Skit. BTS most recently won the Billboard Award for Top Social Artist, and this track is their thank you speech in its entirety. It is a sweet reminder of just how far the group has come, especially outside of South Korea.

Following this skit, the second portion of the album begins and it is definitely the stronger part of the album. BTS originally started out as a very hip hop group, and they boast some of the best rappers in K-pop. You are immediately reminded of this as the next track, Mic Drop, begins. It is a very raw return to their time in hip hop, and the beat and lyrics prove they haven’t totally abandoned their beginnings. Go Go, the next song, starts out with a fun riff, and takes off from there, and the outro, Her, is an almost jazzy rap track.

Love Yourself is a very quick listen, and definitely worth a spin or three.

Tracks Not to Miss: DNA, Best of Me, Mic Drop, Go Go

Tracks to Pass: Intro, Serendipity, dimple, Pied Piper

-Review by Marci @defenseclublove

Check out the Music Video for DNA below:

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