OTAKON 2016 – ALL OFF Concert



ALL OFF – Otakon 2016 Concert

I only wish I had shown up an hour before the concert, because it seemed that a half-hour was in the middle of the magic.  Originally, the plan was for ALL OFF to hold a meet and greet panel after their performance, but it seemed that in the morning it was bumped to an hour before they went on.  Fortunately, I was able to catch a bit of their monologue, and from what I heard, they were very excited to be playing in the U.S.

ALL OFF was brought to my attention last year when I began watching “Heavy Object”, and I immediately took to their work.  Surprised that they formed in 2004, I had assumed that a band of that caliber would have risen to their current level of fame much sooner.  Having watched their performance, it was readily apparent that this was not the first time around the block for these guys.  Not only was the music fantastic, but their stage presence was phenomenal. Each member interacted with the crowd in their own, unique way.  Whether it was shouting to sing along, or demonstrating their skills (Gaku can shred like no one’s business), or perpetuating the hype, they all made sure to let us know that they were having a blast.  They made it known that this was their first show overseas, and hopefully it won’t be their last.  I highly recommend seeing them if they come touring in a city near you, you won’t regret it.



One More Chance!!


Party Anthem

Make a Smile

Rising Up


Say Goodbye

Fly Fly Fly

Carry On

Never Gave Up

C’mon C’mon

Sweet Sweet Crazy

Just Tonight

Refrain Boy

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