Otakon 2016: MICHI Masquerade Performance



MICHI – Otakon 2016

I was really excited to hear MICHI perform, but was a little saddened that her performance would only be half an hour.  But within that half-hour, was some of the most energetic, fist-pumping action I’ve seen at Otakon.  Immediately upon entering the stage, after a short introduction, she immediately poured into her work. My only gripe was that it seemed so short, even though she sang 5 or so songs, I was craving more long after she left the stage.

I’m a little unsure why this last year and the year prior there hasn’t been a Saturday concert, not just an intermission for the Masquerade.  Having a musical act every night of the convention was one of the main reasons for going to Otakon.  Having not covered a performance in the Baltimore Arena, I was lucky to have found the seating for Press.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to snag the setlist (if one was provided), but I can say that her live rendition of “Cry for the Truth” was well worth it.  With Otakon moving to DC next year, I’m hoping that she’ll be convinced to come back and play, hopefully for a longer concert.


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