TAS: Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989) – Jackie Chan vs. Rope Factory Workers


We’ve already covered my thoughts on the movie here, but let me summarize by reiterating that this movie is my FAVORITE Jackie Chan film. This scene features a young Billy Chow, egged on by Lo Lieh, to attack the beleaguered Jackie in a hilarious rope factory sequence. Here Jackie shows off quite a bit of his ‘silent film’ inspirations as well as some amazingly fluid body control. In a sprawling, and exhausting, sequence that lasts around 6 minutes, Jackie climbs, fights, and entertains in what just may be his most purely entertaining fight scene ever. If you’ve seen the film you get it, if you haven’t what’s wrong with you!?

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    • nothing is wrong with the file. maybe when you were watching it…Hitman was uploading new vids. That can and has caused video watching to slow down. Seems fine now.

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