TAS: Pedicab Driver (1989) – Sammo Hung Vs. Lau Kar Leung


Two of Hong Kong cinema’s greatest choreographers meet on screen for one of the best fights in either of their storied careers. Some terrific hand techniques, that are tightly choreographed with some solid impacts and falls, give way to one of the best pole fights ever put on film. In a dizzying display of agility and technique, these two masters made one of the greatest fight scenes in cinema history. Lamentably, Pedicab Driver is one of those films that does not have a home video treatment that truly befits a film of its stature, and I wait for a good version of the film to finally be released.

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  1. This film is almost mythical in my mind. So hard to find a copy to watch it. I have always heard the fights were very well done. Should I just breakdwon and watch the one on…..dare I say…..you….tube….

    • You could just buy the VHS. they usually pop up on amazon or ebay for nice prices. That’s what I did, but then I lucked out and found the laserdisc. The PQ is loads better on the LD than on VHS, as you can see from the clip I ripped above.

      Tho, good luck finding an LD of it. 🙂

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