TAS: The Big Deal (1992) – Moon Lee vs. Yukari Oshima



Lovely ladies Moon Lee and Yuakri Oshima have fought on screen many times over the years, but this very funny fight features the two in a crazy slapstick brawl. The choreography between gags is decent tightly executed and it is immensely refreshing to see the two typically super serious fighters not in a brawl to the death, but in a nice low stakes fight. Look out for Yuen Cheung-yan to interrupt the two for interrupting his own “private time”. Very indicative of the ‘wackiness’ of HK cinema that I absolutely adore and miss, this very underrated little film certainly needs a DVD release, so I can put my VCD out to pasture. Should probably be obvious, but this entry is NSFW (for boobs).

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