TAS: Warrior’s Two (1978) Cassanova Wong and Sammo Hung vs. Fung Hak-On


One of the definitive Wing Chun films, and years ahead of the similarly choreograped Ip Man films, Warriors Two features direction by the legendary Sammo Hung. During the final showdown, Sammo and Casanova team up to challenge the gang leader Mo, played by baddie character actor Fung Hak-on. What follows is an exhausting fight where Sammo and Wong take a huge beating before finding the right method to defeat the seemingly supernaturally powered villain. During the fight, Casanova Wong delivers what viewers have come to refer to as “The Kick.” You’ll know it when you see it, it puts jaws squarely on the floor. This team-up of Hung choreography and Wong’s skillful kicking techniques makes Warriors Two one of those must see martial arts films and possibly the greatest Wing Chun film ever.

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