Underrated Anime: Flame of Recca


flame of recca

Flame of Recca is a present-day set action series that revolves around a young ninja named Recca. Amazingly skilled in ninjutsu, Recca discovers that he is the heir to an ninja bloodline from many years in the past. As he comes to accept his history, he finds a royal descendant to protect like ninja of yore. Growing in skill and strength, Recca and his group of fighter friends, fight ever stronger and more treacherous villains looking to obtain the princess and the power her bloodline holds.

Based on a manga by Nobuyuki Anzai and animated by acclaimed anime house Studio Pierrot, Flame of Recca is san action packed series that brings the world of ninja mysticism to the modern day. Featuring detailed and exciting animation, the series follows a set up similar to contemporaries Dragon Ball Z and Yuu Yuu Hakusho, but is significantly better paced. Fights and revelations come quickly here and the training and increases in power always seem earned as opposed to being presents care of the plot.

Running a total of 42 episodes in it’s run, it is a bit on the short side, but with the amount of content and action it offers, it is a great run. The series does interpret ninjas more like they are in 80s action cinema so fans familiar to that style will be right at home, but newer fans weened on the likes of Naruto may have to relearn the rules of this universe. I’d certainly categorize this series as for more of a male demographic, but there are enough comedic elements and interesting characters to satisfy even the most discerning of anime watchers.

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