Underrated Anime: Golden Boy


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Kintaro Oe is a freeter, a person who specializes in part time jobs. Once a student at the prestigious Tokyo University, he suddenly left before graduating despite having obtained all the credits needed for his law degree. A student of life, he travels the roads of Japan on his special bicycle, the Mikazuki 5, learning about different jobs and most importantly, the ladies.

Those that have seen the series know why it is on here; it is flat out hilarious. For six dreadfully short 30 minute OVA episodes, the format is as such; Kintaro meets a beautiful woman and somehow ends up under their employ. Despite typically bad early impressions, his dedication to the job and will to learn allows him to overcome some challenge that occurs while he is at work. As a pervert of immense proportions, these bad impressions seem impossible to overcome and one by one Kintaro shows his worth earning affection and respect. Though lascivious, he never takes advantage of their feelings and instead finishes each job completely before heading out on his next learning experience.

The strength of the show lies in Oe himself. He’s a good guy despite how absolutely filthy his mind is, especially when around pretty ladies. He’s got an intelligence that goes beyond book smarts which makes it easy to root for him; he’ll make mistakes but learns from them to come back better than ever. As mentioned before, the humor is mature and certainly not for an underage crowd, but it is a phenomenally entertaining series than has remained one of my most favored anime comedies ever and one I will never stop laughing with.

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  1. Great write-up on Goldenboy — one of my favorites. Another one of my favorites is The Gokusen. The 12-episode anime series about a girl set to become a boss to a mafia family, but is also a teacher to a class of delinquents. Great stuff.

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