Underrated Anime: Photon: The Idiot Adventures



This short SF anime series ran only 6 OVA episodes and was created by the great Masaki Kajishima, creator of such franchises as Tenchi Muyo!, Dual!, and their associated franchises. Originally released from 1997-1998, the series was a mix of comedy, science fiction, and action that revolved around Photon Earth, a super powered but very dumb witted hero who finds himself constantly at odds with noble Sir Papacharino Nanadan, an egotistical and generally perverted royal who looks to create a harem. During the course of his travels, Photon finds himself inadvertently ‘married’ to Keyne Aqua, a space pilot who is the current target of Papacharino’s perversions. While fending off his advances, Photon and Keyne uncover the mysterious secret of the planet and the reason for Photon’s amazing physical ability.

With animation by AIC, the series has a considerable amount of detail and style. Backgrounds are well animated and the fluidity of the art is noticeably greater than many other anime contemporaries. Where the series truly stands out is the humor and action sequences however, with a perverted antagonist, there is the expected ecchi aspects present, but it is always done for a joke rather than titillation. Action scenes are fast and furious and there are more than a few ‘wow’ moments to be had at the mayhem present onscreen.

Overall, Photon: The Idiot Adventures is a hugely underrated anime for its sheer entertainment value and beautiful hand drawn animation. With a wickedly adult sense of humor, it is certainly not appropriate for all ages, but if you are able to track down a copy (it’s been OOP for quite a while)it is a fully packed 6 episodes that is full of rewatchability and entertainment value. Absolutely worth your time. As a note, the recently released Tenchi series, War in Geminar, actually re-uses some ideas from this series and Photon can be seen as a spiritual predecessor to that much more widely seen, and available, program.

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