Underrated Anime: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor


For our first entry on our new feature, I would like to call attention to what is probably my favorite anime series, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. A science-fiction comedy from 1993, the show follows the exploits of Justy Ueki Tylor, an extremely laid-back young man who, through luck, finds himself commander of the Soyokaze, a ship deployed against the Raalgon Empire, a race of aliens in conflict with the growing expansion of the human race into outer space. As Tylor goes about his duties as captain, he finds himself outrageously successful through sheer luck or a genius-level of foresight. Along for the ride are his crew of misfits and the few long-suffering legitimate officers from the federation. As he makes enemies and allies on both sides of the conflict, the viewer is taken on a hilarious and incredibly entertaining journey through a universe that is large, diverse, and fully realized.

Animated by the legendary studio, Tatsunoko Pro, Tylor features direction courtesy of Koichi Mashimo, founder of Bee Train Studio (Madlax, the .hack series, Blade of the Immortal) and director of fan favorites such as Tsubasa Chronicle and Noir. Character designs are unique and mechanical designs are detailed. It is a beautiful looking series that has charm that only anime from this period seem to possess. Filled with warmth and a true infusion of personality to the characters, there is an amazing amount of humanity to a series that is a space opera comedy. While production is top notch, it is the characterization that will compel and rivet the viewer.

With beautiful hand drawn animation and a terrific soundtrack, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a series that I find myself revisiting at least twice a year. With a good pace and good characterizations, each episode is filled to the brim with content and nothing seems like a wasted episode. All around, the series is an incredibly well produced and executed run of 26 episodes. While it has been many years since my first viewing of the series, and many other great shows since then have been discovered, I will say that while there are shows that I may like as much as Tylor, there are none that I like more. It is a great series that truly deserves to be more seen and recognized.

For your viewing, we have the first episode of the series above! Remember, if you like it, support the official release!

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