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Two Thumbs Up – Trailer


Sometimes, bad guys make the best heroes.

Two Thumbs Up
Lucifer and his gangsters dress their minibus to resemble a police vehicle, and pose as policemen for a robbery. Police Officer Chui has sensed “criminal
intent”.  Without police orders, he investigates these gangsters. At the robbery the gangsters engage in a gunfight against the real criminals, who kill randomly.
Lucifer and his men are infuriated.  They may wear police costumes and use toy guns,  but their passion is real. Sensing their righteous passion, Chui decides to
side with the imposters and their 16-passenger EU vehicle.  Lucifer and his men re-discover the bond they felt when they used to battle together.
Finally, Chui,  Lucifer and the gang defeat the criminals, showing Chui that anyone can be a hero, and righteousness resides within us all.

Two Thumbs Up stars Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Leo Ku, Patrick Tam, Mark Cheng, Christie Chen

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