“A Touch of Unseen” Poster and Synopsis!


A Touch Of Unseen
CAST – Lee Eonjung, Park Sooin, Kim Jaeseung, Yoon Chaeyoung
SYSNOPSIS – After they lost their parents in a traffic accident, strange events begin to happen to Yeonhui and Yeonsu. At first it was Yeonsu who had been sexually abused by a ghost. She tries to protect her sister Yeonhui by keeping apart from her, but soon Yeonhui experiences the same thing. To make things worse, Hakcheol, a senior from Yeonhui’s university, disturbs them by stalking Yeonhui.

Presenting unique material combined with horror-film cliche in the beginning, the film, rather than confined itself to the scope of the genre, takes an ernest, critical view on society and violence. It not only describes the cause and effect of the supernatural phenomenon, but puts a harsh and daring question on the root and shape of the violence against women.

The film depicts two sisters’ urgent struggles to overcome the painful experience to seize the brute moment of empathy.

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