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Cast: Keiko Kitagawa, Manatsu Kimura, Yuka, Gackt, Fumiyo Kohinata, Karen Otomo

Introduction :

Fun dreams, scary dreams, bizarre dreams… We see dreams every night but they’re veiled in mystery. What if it were possible to connect with a stranger’s unconsciousness while sleeping, and be able to see the misfortune in that person’s future in the form of a “prophetic dream”? This story is about Akumu-chan, a girl who possesses such mysterious powers, and Ayami, a teacher who is able to decipher the girl’s nightmares, and how they overcome the various incidents that arise one after another.

My Little Nightmare, the TV drama series that was aired in the winter of 2012 created a sensation for its varied character designs, the realistic portrayal of today’s children’s relationships, and the large-scale CG visual effects that expressed the world of “nightmares.” It became all the rage among children of elementary and junior high school ages and adults of their parents’ generation as a drama that “hits close to home” and as work of entertainment that “adults can also appreciate.” Thanks to the overwhelming support for the work and requests for a sequel to be made, it will return as a movie!

Story :

Ayami is a teacher of Elementary School, who uses two faces for different purposes.

One day, a transfer student comes to her class.

Yuiko is taken aback when she sees him because he closely resembles the “Boy Dream Prince” that she had fallen in love with in her dream.

Kanji gradually becomes a leading presence in the class, and his words provoke the other students whose actions cause a major incident.

This incident overlapped a nightmare that Yuiko had seen.

Ayami had hit her to taught her students, “The only one who can create a bright future for yourself is you!” What kind of solution will she present this time to overcome the new nightmare and reality that lash out against them?

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