Brand New Plot Summary For Choi Dong hoon’s Upcoming The Thieves



We have posted two versions of the plot breakdown for Choi Dong Hoon’s upcoming The Thieves so far.  Today we have a new version that is a little shorter, but gives more casting detail.  Give it a read.  Due for a summer release, The Thieves stars Lee Jung-jae, Kim Yoon-seok, Jeon Ji-hyun, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Oh Dal-su,  Kim Soo-hyun, Simon Yam, Derek Tsang and Angelica Lee.


A band of infamous Korean thieves receives an irresistible offer from their former partner, Macao Park: steal <Tears of the Sun>, a 418-carat diamond, hidden in a Macao casino. Popai is the muscle and brain, Pepsy is the safecracker, Anicall is the wall-climber and Zampano is the tactician. Together they do not hesitate to take up the offer.

Upon their arrival in Hong Kong, they meet the Chinese crew; Poker Face Chen, Nerveless Andrew and Jonny, and undercover cop Julie. Once the team is assembled, Macao Park lets them in on the plan. Penetrating into the casino will require more than a miracle to break in, but miracles are their specialty. But troubles are aplenty as Popai and Macao Park butt heads.

Macao Park is cold, never putting his emotion in front of the job. But Pepsy, reminiscing her past with Macao Park, has lingering feelings for him, which distracts her. And just like every other member of the team, Anicall has her own plan to keep the diamond for herself. Macao Park’s scheme, however, runs deeper and plans to capture Wei-Hong, the owner of the diamond and see his revenge.

On the day of the heist, they walk into the casino not knowing that the cops are staking out in the vicinity on Julie’s tip. What is Macao Park’s real motive behind gathering the thieves in one place? Who will betray them all? And who will eventually possess the diamond?

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