Character Posters Now Up For The Magician


SYNOPSIS – Hwan-hee, Joseon’s top magician, and Princess Cheong-myeong are brought together by fate and fall in love. But their hopeless romance because of different social classes becomes entangled in an unexpected plot, and the princess is kidnapped. Hwan-hee uses magic to rescue the princess, and together, they set out to fight against their fate.

Director: Kim Dae-Seung( The Concubine, Lovers, Traces of Love, Blood Rain, Bungee Jumping of Their Own)

Cast – Yoo Seung-Ho, Go Ara, Kwak Do-Won, Jo Yoon-Hee, Lee Kyoung-Young, Park Chul-Min, Son Byung-Ho, Jo Dal-Hwan

Release Date Dec 2015

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