Character Posters For Kim Hong-Sun’s Upcoming Organ Trafficking Thriller Conspirators Now Up


On the high seas no one is safe…. Specially if you are going from Korea to Weihai, China  with a organization of organ traffickers are onbaord. Once you are on the open seas, Hearts, and Kidneys are in high demand, and anyone can be kidnapped to get them.  Each of the character posters have bar codes on them, underlining maybe  anyones parts can be scanned and sold on the Organ Trafficking Black Market. This is the gist of the very secretive plot for Kim Hong Sun‘s upcoming thriller Conspirators.

Conspirators is directed by Kim Hong Sun, and stars Im Chang-jeong, Choi Daniel, Oh Dal-so, Jo Yoon-Hee, Jo Dal-Hwan, and Kim Jae-Hwa.  It is due to hit theaters this August.

Conspirators – Teaser

Conspirators – Im Chang-jeong, Choi Daniel and Oh Dal-soo


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