“Court of Zeus” Trailer, Poster, and Synopsis!


Cast: Hijiri Kojima, Hironobu Nomura, Jun Kawamoto

Synopsis: Making snap judgements is Kano’s business: as a rising star of the judiciary hungry for promotion, he must meet a quota of judgements every single day. To save time, he and his colleagues trust prosecutors and police over defendants: after all, if these people were innocent, why were they arrested in the first place? Unsurprisingly, judges and free-thinkers are uncomfortable bedfellows, making Megumi’s decision to marry Kano a shock to her left-leaning university friends.

Sparky Megumi struggles under the iron rule of her fiancé, who her former lover Yamoaka likens to the omnipotent Greek god Zeus. Tellingly, he also reasons that this makes her Themis ­– Zeus’ wife who is considered to be the embodiment of justice. In a dramatic chain of events, Megumi finds herself in the dock as Kano takes on the hardest trial of his life.

With high-octane American-style production values, this is a tense drama relieved by occasional comic moments. It is Hijiri Kojima who steals the show, however, with her nuanced court scenes easily comparable to the mercy plea of Portia in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

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